poza eveniment release CD1

Musica Viva in partnership with RAWW Music and the National University of Music in Bucharest proudly presents the release Event of their first CD: “A travel into the XXth Century: MARTINŮ/ŞOSTAKOVICI/POULENC – Sonatas for cello and piano”.

A music ensemble supposes tuning personalities and temperaments over time. Musica Viva has always meant equilibrium and ambiguity at the same time: the vision on thematic classical music, which is to always comprise a message or a coherent idea nucleus, supposes appetence for experimentation and trust in the one developing such often crazy ideas.

After over one year of organizing, recording, mastering, re-organizing, the new recording is now ready for audition. Let’s enjoy Francis Poulenc’s irony, letting him force us onto the absurd, let’s travel back in time to contemplate the world of Dimitri Shostakovici and allow him to take us on a journey through the Russian realms, getting closer to the popular dances with all its joy and traditionalism, without forgetting, of course, the homesickness of Bohuslav Martinu. Both his musical and social isolation, led him to compose a music which savage texture fulfills an exorcising ritual within us, lightning us up with moments of silence, at times surfacing in crystalline clearness.

Therefore, along with RAWW’s sculpture artist Cristian Crestincov, we hope to offer our audience a complete experience, both musically and visually, having faith that we will meet your expectations.

With Cristian Crestincov, immortality is reached by art. He lays his entire both ephemeral and atemporal being at our feet!
Like the plays of shadows and lights, between eternity and transiency between Good and Evil, Cristian Crestincov’s art comprises all these heartbreaking, aesthetic dichotomies expressing the ineffable and unchangeable coincidentia oppositorum both at the finite level of our existence and the infinite one of eternity! This Brancusian paradigm that is longing perpetually for the Infinite is constantly sabotaged by the temptation of the daily life, by the falling into fleshly sin. Fortunately, he does not give up for any moment the hope of redemption through art. With his newest “Dialog” gallery, Cristian Crestincov you will give you the opportunity to explore more senses, and even juggle between those senses of contrasts expressed in music and sculptures on the 18th of May.

We are celebrating these moments with a fine glass of wine offered by Budureasca, with a whole bouquet of taste, character, originality and last but not least, color.

With the huge support from the National University of Music in Bucharest we invite you to enjoy the concert and the CD release at the Auditorium Hall starting at 19:00