We deliver services of promotion and management of artists from all areas. We have a liking for the “underground”, focusing on painting, photography, design, and it is always a pleasure for us to discover and promote new talents.


We create concept events, no matter their themes: art, media or music. We especially focus on exhibitions and concerts combined with video performance. We offer free advice for details, estimate costs and anticipate expenses. We are looking forward to plan your next event.


If you are a known artist or an amateur one and you want yourself to be in the public eye as an artist, a DJ or you have your own band, musical works that need to be promoted, RAWW can help by introducing you or by supporting your career on the music stage.

Exhibitions & Events

We promote art by organizing exhibitions, opening events, intended for the public but also for art collectors. Our success is guaranteed by the experience and innovative talent of the RAWW organizers.

Art Project

We develop projects having as scope the promotion of young Romanian artists, allowing them to grow and interact with the audience. Every event is different, depending on the personality of the artists and its works.