Bohemian RAWW*psody

“Bohemian RAWW*psody”

RAWW* Association invites you to “Bohemian RAWW*psody”, Fantom Gallery – Berlin / Germany, between September 2nd and 12th, 2016, where Mona Bit will make a super team with two very charismatic Romanian painters, Rone and Mazerschi, as well as with an incredible sculptor born in Chișinău, Cristian Crestincov. These “artistic four aces” will heighten both the viewers’ souls and the level of the true underground art.

Varnishing day: September 2, 2016, 18.00 – 20.00
Special RAWW event: Thursday, September 08, 2016, 18.00-20.00
Gallery: FANTOM | HEKTORSTRASSE 9-10, Berlin |
Tel: 004-(0)751413075 Mail: Web:

Because behind any Bohemian spirit there is also a lot of discipline, RAWW* could not have realized this dream that it and the four creators of pictorial and sculptural magic have without 2 true modern Mecenas: EUROLINES Romania and CETELEM Romania! These will cover the participation costs of the most representative works of the artists who will be present, in September 14-18, 2016, at the Berliner Liste 2016 Fair, which will take place in Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin!

What do have in common four characters that are so special, but, yet, so different, set out in their search for artistic accomplishment through painting and sculpture to Berlin, the capital of total art and seducing Bohemia? Besides the huge talent of each of them, the four artists’ art is a perpetual search for that both individual and collective Graal relying on a passionate common denominator, and namely the escape from the material daily routine into the spiritual fantastic realm! Still, this “drive” does not belong exclusively to the postmodern artist, but also to the recent human being, in her/his integrality, perceived as an alienated individual lobotomized by an establishment of sustentation of superficiality, by a mainstream of induced mediocrity and by the maleficent monetization of manipulation. To all these cynical, sad, but true idiosyncrasies of the times we are living in, the four artists oppose this “drive”, this longing… It is that longing bursting out from our souls, so burdened by the daily routine, by material, technology, consumerism, and always looking for escape, redemption and fruition by relating to something atemporal! Crestincov’s sculptural art, like Rone’s, Mazerschi’s or Mona Bit’s ones, tends quite to this atemporality…

“Bohemian RAWW*psody” Exhibition will reveal part from the splendors so far hidden from the Romanian painting and sculpture of 2016, bringing to the light of eyes and souls of art lovers from Berlin and from the entire world four stories that reunite the ludic spirit with the mystery of creation. This mystery will carry each viewer from Rone’s, Mazerschi’s, Crestincov’s or Mona’s most tenebrous abysses up to the brightest heights; and, as beauty lies in the viewer’s eyes, this is expected in September 2-12 to discover how intense the “Bohemian RAWW*psody” experience can be!

This will mean nothing else but that, at its second participation, RAWW Association has fulfilled its dream. That of making art lovers to daydream and to escape, for a moment, an hour, a day or eleven days, from the daily routine through an inestimable experience…


Seekers, 2015 Berlin, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Seekers, 2015 Berlin, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Mona Bit is a “Berlin-state-of-mind”! The young women born in the grey Bucharest of the communist era has been living for years among the feeling crazy people of the artistic capital of Germany and Europe. She could be an Amelie Poulain of the uber-postmodern painting, but Mona prefers to be herself a poem of perpetual movement of colors and shapes, impossible to frame in any category. As enigmatic, as empathic, Mona stands for a magic hypostasis of unleashed, wandering and dystopic fantastic in the limited, repetitive and predictable daily life! Subliminally, all her works bear that mysterious, equally tactile and diaphanous tinge of a “Big-Time-Sensuality” that one falls in love for at first sight!

In the eccentric Berlin, she transforms her fantastic dreams into pictorial reality. And this reality can be nothing else but magic, so that the pictorial stories that Mona is saying are of almost sensorial surrealism, in her similitude!
Unleash the “Little Prince” within! “Everyone was once a little kid. But not everyone still remembers this…”

“Out-of-this-world”-RONE aka The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde of Painting!

Scarecrow, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Scarecrow, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

If RONE never existed, he should have been painted… Only that RONE does not have within the narcissism of self-portrait or the fetish of the delusion of grandeur. With him the sublime artistic pathology relies on duality, which is, equally, a blessing and a curse! RONE is, indeed, in an inexhaustible artistic bipolarity, pendulating like a Foucault in a “flight over a cuckoo’s nest” between “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Painting” from his subconscious! From where he extracts his creative sap, the creating insanity to obtain that exorcising of the inner demons and that elevation of his own angels, which he, then, sublimates into the most intense artistic experience possible!

Take “Friday”, for instance! This “Friday” is not only Rone’s “Friday”! This “Friday” “is hidden in each of us!” And this postmodern “Friday” can have a therapeutic effect on the “Robinson Crusoe” from each of us, so much subdued to roaming of all kinds and soul distress. RONE’s secret could be unveiled like this: each of us feels at a certain moment like a “Robinson Crusoe” in her/his life and in this world, but, fortunately, the most creative of us find their own “Friday”, their ancestral alter-egos, which save them from drifting! As archetype, this “Friday” may cover a very diverse range, from Tarkovski’s spirit to Bukowski’s one! Still, for those who truly know Rone, his “trip” with “Friday” is rather close to Lebowski’s spirit! And – like RONE would say – “a friend from beyond is a friend indeed!”


The Watcher, 2016, Ulei pe panza, 137 x 207 cm

The Watcher, 2016, Ulei pe panza, 137 x 207 cm

When Picasso says that “art is the lie telling the truth”, Mazerschi not only that contradicts him, but it also confirms this apparently paradoxical dictum by each of his pieces of work. Mazerschi is playing like a frolicking child who is having, at the same time, existential thoughts, which he sublimates in the most ludic way possible. One finds it impossible to categorize him, as he himself is a distinct class, a sub-specie-aeterni. In fact, Mazerschi is an uber-category, and, because he had to have a name, we named him – starting from Huizinga’s famous syntagm – HOMO LUDENS PICTURALIS! We fancy Sergiu as being like the trickster tomcat Behemoth from Bulgakov’s absolute masterpiece “The Master and Margarita”, making all kinds of colorful magic with his charmed primus, diabolic and divine at the same time, from which unexpectedly beautiful, indecently true and psychedelically prankish stories burst forth!


The-Time-Stricken-Man-2, 2014, Bronze with marble base, Edition of 7, 19x51x18 cm

The-Time-Stricken-Man-2, 2014, Bronze with marble base, Edition of 7, 19x51x18 cm

Like the play of shadows and lights, between eternity and transiency, between Good and Evil, CRISTIAN CRESTINCOV’s art comprises all these heartbreaking, aesthetic dichotomies expressing the ineffable and unchangeable coincidentia oppositorum both at the finite level of our existence and at the infinite one of eternity! With Cristian, immortality is reached by art. This Brancusian paradigm that is longing perpetually for the Infinite is constantly sabotaged by the temptation of the daily life, by the falling into fleshly sin. Fortunately, he does not give up for any moment the hope of redemption through art. Profoundly Christian – a state of grace amplified also by the sublime synchronicity of the search for his artistic fruition by the destiny of his Christian name – CRISTIAN CRESTINCOV lays his entire both ephemeral and atemporal being at our feet! Like JUNG managed to bring together the abyssal psychology from the subconscious of each of us and from the collective unconscious with the Christian myth that leads to redemption and immortality, Cristian is also trying to save us by his art. “The Hunched” is us, like the Baudelairian albatross whose concrete wings are constantly pulling us down, but whose invisible, spiritual wings heighten our souls to the infinite to which we are longing unconsciously, ancestrally and archetypally…

Partners: Cetelem, Eurolines Romania.
With the support of:, RCI Berlin.

*Romanian ArtistsWorld Wide